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Talk to The Local Experts in Buying Gold Coast Property

We handle all the complex and stressful elements of buying property. From developing your buying strategy, search, inspections, pricing and due diligence. We handle the negotiation process or auction bidding right through to settlement and beyond getting your new home move-in ready to our high standards.  

About COAST Buyer's Agency.

COAST Buyer’s Agency are experts in Gold Coast property and have long-standing relationships with real estate agents, developers, interior designers, architects, property managers and tradespeople to take the hard work out of buying property, saving you time and money AND reducing the risk and stress. 

Our intimate knowledge of the local market and network provides you with sound, professional advice and access to a range of on- and off-market opportunities.

Our premium property buying service is fully tailored with pricing structured according to where you need our help. Whether you need a full-service, end-to-end property buying solution, negotiation only or bidding at auction on your behalf we’re here to help.

PLUS our property concierge service and COAST Design Studio can take care of all the extras you need to get home sooner. We have a strong network of interior designers, architects, tradespeople, removalists and utility providers to take care of all the hard work for you.

Helping property buyers find their dream homes.

At COAST Buyer’s Agency, our clientele is wonderfully diverse, each with their own unique vision and goals for property ownership on the Gold Coast. We typically assist two main categories of clients:

We specialise in guiding home buyers to secure their ideal property, utilising our effective 6-step buying pathway to properly ensure we deliver on the specific needs and requirements of individuals, couples, and families. This approach is designed to make the property-buying process effortless for buyers, saving you time, money, and stress. We're committed to not just achieving, but exceeding your expectations, ensuring a home buying experience that's as rewarding as it is efficient. We work personally with:

  • Local & Interstate Home Buyers: Whether you're moving to a new space or setting down roots for the first time on the Gold Coast, our step-by-step process and market insights get you home sooner.
  • Up-sizers: Looking to upsize to support your growing family? We specialise in finding family homes in prime locations, ensuring a wise investment for your family’s most significant asset.
  • Retirees/Downsizers: If simplifying your life is on the horizon, consider our expertise in sourcing 'lock up and leave' properties that promise a blend of security, convenience, and peace of mind for your retirement phase.
  • Expats: Moving back or considering investing in the Gold Coast? We have extensive experience helping Australian expats finding exceptional properties looking to secure their slice of paradise ahead of their return home. 
  • Lifestyle Home Buyers: Seeking a secondary home, weekender or a luxury vacation residence? Our team is focused on finding your ideal holiday home, blending leisure and comfort with a sound investment choice. We can also assist with holiday home set-up and rental through our property concierge service. 
  • Life Changes: In the midst of life's major transitions, finding the right home is crucial. We can provide expert guidance and support from the sale of your existing property through to the full set-up of your new home, ensuring you find and create a home that suits your new circumstances and lifestyle.

At COAST Buyer’s Agency, we help property investors accelerate their portfolio by sourcing and securing high yielding, high growth properties. With deep expertise in property investment combined with our trusted local network of property professionals, we’re able to source, secure and set up your next property quickly, ensuring it's providing immediate returns. We work personally with:

  • Local, Interstate, and Expat Investors: We provide insightful local knowledge to those seeking to capitalise on the Southeast Queensland market, ensuring your investment strategy aligns with the best opportunities.
  • New and Rentvestors: If you're exploring investment while renting or new to property investing, our expertise is geared towards creating your investment strategy and helping you make informed decisions.
  • Experienced Investors: We streamline the process of accelerating your portfolio, offering comprehensive market insights and leveraging our network for successful investments.
  • International Investors: Investing in the Gold Coast market from overseas? We’re on-the-ground locals with extensive market knowledge, ensuring profitability and compliance with Australian regulations.

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Why Use a Buyer's Agent?

Unlock access to our local network, save time, harness expert negotiation skills, navigate legal and financial complexities, and avoid common pitfalls in your home-buying journey with our premium Buyer’s Agent services.

Cost Saving

Enlisting the help of a buyer's agent can provide buyers with significant costs savings when it comes to negotiating the best deal possible on behalf of their client. Buyer's agents are seasoned professionals used to dealing with agents - and should save you a lot more than their fees in the deal they negotiate for you.

Time Saving

A buyer's agent can save you significant time and effort by doing the legwork and searching for properties that meet your specific criteria. A buyer's agent can shortlist and schedule private inspections so you can inspect multiple properties in a short space of time.

Market Insights

A buyer's agent can provide valuable market information and insights, such as current market conditions and property transaction data, which can help you make an informed decision when purchasing your new home.


A buyer's agent will provide valuable negotiation skills and guidance when it comes to making an offer on a property. We help you determine a fair offer price and can also help you navigate the often complex process of negotiating contract terms.

Guiding You to Settlement

A buyer's agent can help you navigate the legal and financial aspects of the home buying process. This includes helping you understand the terms of the contract and guiding you through the purchase process – all the way through to settlement.


Avoid Mistakes

A buyer's agent can also help you avoid common mistakes that can often occur during the home buying process. This can help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure the home buying process goes smoothly.

Our property-buying pathway


We Listen

We listen to you and develop an in-depth understanding of your needs and ‘must haves’ to create the optimum property buying strategy.


We Search

We search the market and shortlist on- and off-market opportunities from our network of professionals. We do all the initial inspections and research to save you time and stress of going it alone. 


Due Diligence

We do due diligence using our data and information platforms to ensure you get better value through an informed choice.


We Negotiate

We negotiate the deal deliver better value by creating a winning strategy for either private treaty negotiation or auction bidding. We get your new home at the best price and terms possible.



We boast a comprehensive network of trusted professional services you need to lead the settlement process seamlessly on your behalf.


Home Sooner

Once we’ve secured your dream property, we offer clients our property concierge and design studio services as a little added extra to help you get home sooner.

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