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Auction Bidding Service

Auctions can be daunting and not for the faint hearted. Let our experts handle the entire auction process on your behalf and secure your dream property with the stress and pitfalls of doing it yourself.   

Understanding auction bidding.

Auction is a particular method of sale where the sellers are looking for a finite date when they know their property will be sold. Auctions also create a competitive bidding environment that have the potential to exceed the market value of the property.

Auctions can be a high-stakes, fast-paced method of property sale that benefits from the excitement and competition among buyers. By appointing a skilled bidder to represent you, you gain a non-emotional advocate focused on achieving your property acquisition goals whilst strategically navigating the complexities of the auction process on your behalf.

At COAST Buyer’s Agency, we use our years of auction experience to create a winning strategy and successfully represent buyers on auction day. Our fixed-fee auction bidding service aims to secure the property you want at the right price.

Our approach to a successful auction.

At COAST, our winning auction bidding strategy is tailored to provide our clients with the competitive edge necessary to succeed in the fast-paced and often unpredictable auction environment.

Success at auction begins long before the first bid is placed. We listen to the brief and develop an in-depth understanding of your goals and also realistic market value.  We also conduct extensive due diligence on the property to understand true market value, analysing comparable sales, current market conditions, and the property’s unique attributes that may affect price.

Our auction strategy is tailored to each auction’s unique dynamics, vendors circumstances and always flexible throughout the auction itself as we ‘read the room’. Our strategies are designed to keep competitors guessing and to prevent emotional bidding, which can escalate prices unnecessarily.

Our approach to auction bidding is comprehensive, strategic, and tailored to each buyer’s unique needs. With COAST, you have a dedicated team committed to not just winning at auction, but with minimal risk, saving you money and reducing the stress around your property buying journey.