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Vendor advocacy

At COAST Buyer’s Agency, we offer vendor advocacy where we can manage the entire process of selling your current property while we search for and secure your new one on the Gold Coast simultaneously. The key benefit to our clients is having one trusted property professional to manage the entire process of selling their existing home, and buying the next one at no extra cost to them.

How does vendor advocacy work?

Vendor advocacy is a service we offer our clients whereby we’ll manage the sale of your existing property on your behalf at no additional fee to the sales agent commission which we’ll negotiate on your behalf so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best value for money. 

We handle everything, from the preparation of your property for sale, agent selection, commission negotiation, method of sale, advertising and of course, negotiation of the final sale price with the most favourable terms for you. 

At COAST Buyer’s Agency, we extend our property expertise and leverage our agent relationships to make sure you pay the lowest fees while achieving the highest possible sale price for your existing home. Our vendor advocacy service is designed to alleviate the stress of selling your current property, saving you time and significant costs. We act on your behalf and manage the entire selling process by leveraging our network of trusted real estate professionals, we navigate every phase of the property-selling journey on your behalf. 

This premium, end-to-end, stress-free service model is designed to expedite your journey from listing to settlement, ensuring a swift and successful selling experience.

Pairing vendor advocacy with our end-to-end buyer’s agent service

Paired with our premium, end-to-end buyer advocacy service, we can manage the entire process of selling your current home to moving into your new Gold Coast property, saving you significant time, money and stress.

Our end-to-end buyer’s agent service applies the same level of expertise and personalised care to the process of purchasing your new home. This natural progression allows for a continuity of service that not only saves time but also maintains a consistent level of quality and understanding of your specific needs and preferences.

With COAST, our clients benefit from a comprehensive end-to-end real estate solution with our team’s ability to manage both the selling and buying processes to ensure every detail is handled with precision and care, making the transition from old to new home smooth and effortless. As an additional benefit, we offer our clients our exclusive property concierge services, specifically designed to make your new home move-in ready. This comprehensive suite of services includes the coordination of tradespeople, interior design and styling, utility connections, and rental setup, all tailored to streamline your transition and get you home sooner. 

If you’re looking for an advocate to take care of you through the entire property selling and purchasing process, get in touch with the team at COAST Buyer’s Agency today.